Welcome to Naples, Florida.  Lexi and Tyrell: Sunrise on the beach.


My current favorite session. Alexis is my cousin. AND a super talented licensed aesthetician and boss babe. Tyrell rocks a chess board like no other. And the two of them together? Well, let's just say we had a lot of fun. Just take a look for yourself. 

 I'm a feeling shooter. If it feels right, I'm going to capture it.


I reached out to Lexi and told her that I wanted to do a sunrise session on the beach. As always, she was ready to fulfill my creative request on a whim! I told her what to wear and when we got to the beach - I was in a ZONE! Let me tell you... it was pure magic! I played around with double exposures and just had pure fun. 

“I'm absolutely SPEECHLESS. My face hurts from smiling so much!!! We are completely and utterly obsessed!”

-Tyrell and Alexis


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