So here's the deal. I can try and win you over with fancy verbiage and cliche sayings-but I'm not about all that. The truth is I'm a girl who cherishes family, love stories and celebrations. Your wedding day is a life changing event and I want to celebrate with you! I don't want to be another name on the vendor list. I want to be one of the people you text when you find your wedding dress. I want to be your wedding person ...the one you can trust knowing I have your best interest at heart. So what is the experience? You gain a friend. I just happen to take pictures, too.

what to expect

MY CAMERA, your story.


Couture albums and printed art

I believe in showcasing your love story through art. Let these documented moments serve as a daily reminder that your life is rich with love, joy and happiness. These handcrafted heirlooms are designed with future generations in mind. Carefully curated and artisan-made from start to finish.

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Lover of extra large coffee mugs.


Lead Photographer/ Dress Fluffer/ Makeup Checker/ Timing Director

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Meet the twp team

Art Director / Bouquet holder/ Timeline Organizer/ Boutonnière Pinner

Lover of chocolate chip cookies.

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Meet the twp team

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Behind the scenes

With The Twp Team

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Tiffany is wonderful to work with! She is warm and welcoming.

Tiffany is wonderful to work with! She is warm and welcoming and really makes your experience personal. She has a unique creativity but also allows each bride and groom to insert their own ideas into the shoots. She is beyond organized and we felt very comfortable going into our big day knowing everything was so well planned out. Her assistants Nicole and Tara were also fantastic, catching so many special shots and even redoing my hair when it got messed up from the rain! 

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A note from devon and tommy

I am glad that I not only had an amazing experience, but gained a friend as well.

She is so professional, a perfectionist, extremely detailed-oriented. I live in New York City and was looking for PERFECT! While I know that absolute perfection is unattainable, I found exactly what I was looking for with Tiffany. I wanted a certain sophistication, and the only person that met my standards was Tiffany.  She is fun and light hearted but means business. She boosted our confidence, made sure we looked our best, and kept everything on schedule. She went way beyond the call of duty.

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A note from Antonette & Daniel

tiffany wayne is SUPER TALENTED AND FUN!

Tiffany is super talented, and fun to work with. Friends of our's are showing the photos to people we don't even know, because they came out so wonderful. We have heard "magazine-worthy" and "the best wedding photos I've ever seen." 

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A note from MELISSA and BRADEN

You have an innate ability to capture true happiness and bliss.

Because of you we can relive our wedding- feeling all the emotions we felt on that day. To be able to capture pictures as you do, Tiffany, you are more than a lens. More than a learned ability. It comes straight from your heart and love for what you do. You have an innate ability to capture true happiness and bliss... joy and excitement. We are the lucky ones to have you as a photographer, and friend. We love you!

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A note from Kaylee and Nate

Tiffany's energy is contagious.

Tiffany is without question the most talented, gifted and artistic photographer I have ever encountered. My husband and I are so deeply lucky that she was the artist behind the lens, capturing our wedding day. Her intuition is spot on; she knows how to read the couple she is working with and capture their true personality. Family members have actually told me they could "hear me laughing in some pictures", because Tiffany was able to capture such raw and honest moments. Tiffany has an acute eye for color, lighting, and perspective. Her work leaves you speechless... truly. 

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A note from ALLIE and STEVEN

Thank you so much for making our wedding day special and capturing it so perfectly!

You were truly amazing to work with and we absolutely love our photos. From day one you made us feel comfortable and your enthusiasm and positive spirit was totally refreshing. We are so grateful we were able to put all our trust in your creativity and ability so we could just focus on enjoying the best day of our lives!

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A note from KERRY and ANDREW

She took everything we had envisioned and made it a reality that we will cherish forever.

One of the most exciting moments of our wedding was having Tiffany and her team show up and start snapping photos of us!  The level of talent and professionalism she has is extraordinary and her attention to all the little (and big) details blew us away. From our first initial meeting all the way leading up to our Wedding Day, Tiffany was there every step of the way and 100% delivered for us.  We couldn’t have picked a better photographer mastermind than her!

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A note from Cassandra and Sean

We would love to work with Tiffany again in the future

After finding my groom and my dress, finding the right photographer was the number one wedding priority.  Tiffany not only has a true artistic gift, but she also had a way of putting us at ease so that she could capture the emotions of the moment. She was a joy to be around, she integrated with our friends and families seamlessly, and the images she produced are stunning!

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A note from Melissa and Micah


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