Lg Britt Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today’s blog post features a super sweet couple that are taking the plunge to husband and wife territory! Woo woo!!! Brittany and Tom! I am so happy to be working with them! Several weeks ago we scheduled their engagement session and I am so happy to share it with all of you today!
Ainsley Lg What a treat has been the past year has been! Why you ask? Well, I was able to watch a very special family grow! Starting with Scott and Kristine’s wedding, then a newborn session with their daughter Ainsley, followed up by a six-month session, and now Ainsley is a one year old!
Grant Lg Happy Monday everyone! I have a really sweet family/engagement session to share with everyone today! I am so excited! Alicia reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if I would photograph her family!
Lg Decre What a treat I have for you today!! A sweet family session! A couple months ago Nicole reached out to me asking if I would photograph her family! I was so happy to reconnect with them and meet their adorable little girl, Talia.
Ashby Lg Finally!!!! I have been dying to share this family session with all of you…not only because of the beauty and cuteness and perfect family adorableness….but because I am friends with this family!