Polina Lg It’s always a pleasure to work with other vendors outside of the big wedding day! Mainly because we get to play and not have to worry about timelines! Well, this was one of those times!! Talented makeup artist Polina is undergoing some changes with her current website….so naturally, new pictures are a must!!
Lg Keane This winter has warmed my heart so much because so many sweet little babies are being born!! I am so thankful for all these cute sessions lately!
Lg Rachza A little over a year ago I met up with Rachel and Zach. Meeting with couples for the first time is one of my favorite things to do! I love learning about all the girly romance and details of their love story!! To me, it’s pretty much evidence that real life fairytales DO exist! We instantly hit it off and I was so excited!
Lrgvday Valentine's Day. Some love this holiday, some feel too much pressure, and others want nothing to do with it. No matter which category you fall in, at the end of the day everyone wants to feel like they mean something to someone. Love, everyone wants to feel loved.
Lgcarterwed With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some of my favorite wedding photos from 2014!