Kaylee Lg Because I have some amazing people in my life, in less than 24 hours this vision became a reality. And it’s only the beginning!! There will be more shoots like this so watch out!! (Praise hands to the ceiling! Woo!!!)
Tyler Lg One year ago I had the pleasure of photographing baby Tyler and his family. Today, I am sharing his one-year birthday celebration! This family session really tugs at my heartstrings because Tyler’s older siblings, Alexis and Jack, were so excited to celebrate his first birthday!
Home Lg Happy Friday everyone!!! This blog is long overdue! As most of you know, I purchased my first home back in August! Woo hoo!! I was so excited to finally be a home owner-even more excited that my purchase exists in a community with a Home Owners Association (lawn work is not for me!) While the space of the house was lovely, it needed many, many updates.
Mari Lg Ohhhh ya know, I'm just doing a little happy dance in my chair because I am so pumped to share the sweetness in this blog!!! TWP couple Nikki and Mark welcomed their first baby girl, Marilena Grace, to the world at 11:39pm on Friday February 27th!
Lrg Rig This year the love is growing for so many TWP clients! This family is very near and dear to my heart! I met them a few years back at their wedding and have had the pleasure of watching their family grow from two to three and now, four!!!