Lg Fave As some of you may know, I love Mondays because of the phrase: “Make Difference Monday.” I heard it once on the radio and I’ve referenced it ever since. Today I‘m reaching out to you to make a difference … in my life. This could possibly be the scariest blog post I ever write.
Brea Lg The past month has been filled with so many fun personal shoots…and guess what?! I have another one to share! A couple weeks ago I learned that this fabulous girl, Brea, is moving to California. I thought to myself, “This girl needs to get in front of my lens before she moves!” Not only is she stunning, but I knew instantly that she would be perfect in a “boho-chic” styled shoot.
HEIDI LG Here’s a confession: I have a slight obsession with a girl named Heidi. Heidi Lynn Benjamin. Not in a creepy way, but in a “you’re-sooo-cool, I-admire-you-so-much” type of way. Heidi is an artist, lover to a guy named Frank, photographer, owner of Takk, and occupant of the most beautiful face ever. For real.
Lg Tiane It’s always fun to collaborate with other creatives in the industry! About a month ago I was asked to photograph the vision of stylist Tara Holmes, owner and designer of Tiane Novati, and makeup artist Erin Marzilli. Combined with some new photo techniques, this shoot definitely pushes the envelope and encompasses all things “off beat!”
MAV LG Happy Saturday friends! I have some real time cuteness on the blog for you today! So, if I may suggest, please sit back and relax and prepare yourself for some ultra-cute, baby lovin’ photos! Maverick John was born one year ago on March 26th into a home that overflows with love.