Owen Lg I can’t even handle the amount of cuteness that is in this blog post!!! I’m warning you right now, it’s impossible to look through these images without going “AWWWWWHHH” at least once! I was making myself laugh because of all the baby noises I was making while putting together the blog!
Lg Kara Last week I had the pleasure of working with TWP bride and groom-to-be Kara and Zach! When we first started talking about engagement shoot locations I was really looking forward to doing a shoot outside of the Albany/Saratoga area! After tossing around a couple ideas we decided to shoot at Kara’s family lake house in Binghamton. This location is so special to the family, and of course Kara and Zach too!
Lg LE Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have Laura and Eric’s beautiful Crooked Lake House wedding on the blog! I’m making myself laugh because every wedding I shoot I say is my favorite…and it’s true! I laugh because I do the same thing with music! Every time a song comes on that I like I say “OMG this is my favorite song!” My family always thought that was funny… I love music and I love photography so I guess anything in those categories automatically becomes a favorite!
Micaela Lg When I was in Shreveport for my nephew’s first birthday I had the privilege of meeting this wonderful woman and her two boys. Micaela, Julian, and Omar are three people who truly are one of a kind. They are so warm and friendly -and full of laughter!
GTS Lg Ahhh! Where to start with this blog?! First of all, I feel like I’m so late in posting these images, but I’m sure my nephew won’t mind!! I can’t believe it has been ONE YEAR since my nephew Graham Thomas was born… wow. Since his birth, I have been overwhelmed with cuteness from him!