Lgtsr Debmarc I remember meeting with Deb for the first time and we instantly clicked over the love we have for our fur babies! My little hairy son’s name is Beckham (only because his favorite toy was a soccer ball when he was adopted). Deb and Marc’s fur baby is named Cheddar. We showed pictures and chatted about how he was going to be a part of photos on the wedding day- I loved the idea!!
LG NEGUS Sometimes the love shared between two people is so powerful it’s like you can reach out and touch it. This was exactly the case for Alissa and Andrew. This stunning couple you will probably recognize because not that long ago I featured their engagement session on the blog!
LGSEANKIM It’s only natural to want to start the 4th of July weekend off with a “bang!” Well, let me tell you… this engagement session will do just that! Holy smokes these two rocked it…. It’s seriously like watching fireworks on the computer... But more lovey-like, fire-love-works, or just loveworks. Ok, now that I’ve invented a new word I think y’all get the point of where I’m going with this!!
Lgtsr Simplyb I was thrilled when Simply Bridal reached out to me asking if they could do a feature on my blog! I loved their ideas and thought any information they could provide about choosing a wedding dress would be a huge help to TWP fans! I hope you enjoy the following tips from the Editors at Simply Bridal...Happy Wedding Dress Shopping!
Lgcarterwed Hi Everyone! Boy do I have a gorgeous wedding to show you today!!! Earlier in the month you may recognize this couple from my blog when I featured their engagement shoot…now, I’m back with their wedding! All I have to say is ….WOW. Seriously a stunning wedding start to finish!