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tiffany wayne

Every time I look at the antique cameras displayed in my office I am reminded of him…where it all started. It was Easter. And with all the excitement the Easter Bunny brought, my sister and I whirled and twirled around the dining room in our new Easter dresses. It wasn’t long before he came over to us. He leaned down with a big smile on his face and stared back at us through his camera lens. He wore a short sleeve, baby blue dress shirt- I remember because it drew me to the bold colors in his camera strap that draped around his neck. He was my grandfather. And this is where it all began.

This is only one example of countless memories I have as a child when I found my grandfather smiling back at me through his camera. Photography wasn’t his job, it was something he loved. And he loved us. He loved his family. This is where it all began. With love, with family.

Today, I wear that same vibrant camera strap that he wore. While you may only see a piece of material, to me it's so much more. It represents the beginning. The beginning of a dream I didn't know existed as a child. A dream that has become my reality, my life. It represents love and family. Now, here I am, serving you …with love, for your family.